How high can you stack durian husks? Win prizes!

Are you ready to create a new world record for Malaysia? If so, here’s what you need to do and potentially win some attractive prizes plus bragging rights for being the best among the best in stacking empty durian husks.

This record-setting feat will be conducted at the PD Ostrich Show Farm on Sunday 9 July 2023 during the first-ever International Durian Day. The event will start at 10.30am with qualifying rounds and the final will be held at 2.30pm.

To be considered for this record-setting feat, you first need to ensure you follow these rules:

  1. You can have a maximum of three (3) empty durian husks as the triangular base. Each husk must be a minimum of 15cm (>6 inches) in length and weigh more than 200g. The width of each husk must be no more than half its length. Each husk must be no larger than a third the size of the original durian. All husks used in this challenge must be within 10% variance of each other for both length and weight.
  2. Each of the next levels can have as many husks as can be supported when stacked.
  3. No thorns can be embedded into adjacent empty durian husks, these can only be stacked on each other with no tether or support in any form. This restriction covers any notches, glue-like substances, stapling, external wiring, etc judged to be NOT part of an unblemished or unprocessed durian husk.
  4. Record each step of the empty durian husk stacking and post the video to your Facebook & Instagram pages, setting them public. Then share this video post to with hashtags #InternationalDurianDayJuly 9, #IDD9 & #durianstackingrecord.
  5. Judging will be based on 3 criteria: (1) stack height, (2) number of husks stacked & (3) number of likes & shares combined.
  6. There will be two (2) records to be charted – for tallest stack and most durian husks stacked respectively. Further measurements will be conducted during the live event to comply with rules set by independent record-verifying authorities.
  7. Only those who have complied with all these rules will be considered to be part of the 9 July 2023 record-setting event. Look out for private messages sent to your Facebook account from 15 June 2023 onwards.
  8. Prizes for participants and winners will be announced at the PD Ostrich Show Farm event on 9 July 2023.